Speaker Biography

Serah Muindi

Counseling Psychologist, Kenya

Title: Impact of Social Support on Natural Recoveries

Serah Muindi

Serah Muindi is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist running a private practice in Kenya, Africa. She holds a Bsc. in Counseling Psychology and Certificate in HIV Testing and Counseling Services. She has experience working with individuals and groups, having provided over 1000 sessions to students and young people in her community. She has grown in experience by handling issues on depression, anxiety, addiction and suicidal tendencies with clients saying ‘their lives have transformed’ because of her help. She recently worked with the Defence Forces in her County to provide therapy for soldiers struggling with PTSD and addiction. She has published several articles on LinkedIn focusing on demystifying counseling and private practice in her country and continent. She is currently working on a Reintegration project for inmates who have completed long term sentences in prison. She loves reading, learning and growing.


Problem statement: Unlike addicts who seek help in rehabilitation centres, natural recoveries simply work on themselves to restore their meaning and purpose and overcome their addictions. Experts and scholars focus on addicts in rehab centres and clinics because of the accuracy in measuring and observing their behavior and changes. This speech looks at the support system of the addict who never walks into a rehab centre nor enrolls for therapy but manages to recover. Researchers have shown that social support for natural recoveries is more internal than external. Methodology and Theoretical Orientation: A comparative study was used in research on addicts who have recovered naturally and through rehabilitation. This speech will showcase the impact of social support by comparing and contrasting the alternatives natural recoveries choose to replace addict associated behavior and support themselves verses the social support structures in rehabilitative institutions. Findings: Native recoveries create new linkages and associate with people who are not addicts for some time and build resilience. They also have discipline and follow through when they vow to quit. Social support for the natural recovery addict is a compliment to their process and not the back bone. They are self aware and quick to find meaning and purpose within themselves. Conclusion and Significance: Social support for natural recoveries provides critical insight about the mind of the addict, insight that will help reinforce social support for recovering addicts who seek help. This speech will trace the recovery process of the natural recovery addict and will highlight the key social support aspects of the same. Understanding the social support of the addict who recovers naturally will be a breakthrough for Addiction science as it will contribute to reduced cases of relapse among addicts.