Addiction Psychiatry and Criminal Justice

Addiction Psychiatry plays a vital role in the intersection with the criminal justice system, providing specialized assessment and treatment for individuals with substance use disorders involved in legal matters, aiming to reduce recidivism and promote recovery. Collaboration between these fields is crucial in addressing the complex needs of justice-involved individuals struggling with addiction. Recent research at the nexus of Addiction Psychiatry and Criminal Justice has emphasized the effectiveness of diversion programs, specialized courts, and integrated treatment approaches in reducing the cycle of substance-related offenses. Studies have also highlighted the importance of early intervention and harm reduction strategies to enhance the overall well-being and rehabilitation of justice-involved individuals with addiction. Additionally, research explores the potential benefits of telehealth and digital tools in expanding access to addiction treatment within the criminal justice system. This session will delve into the interplay between Addiction Psychiatry and the Criminal Justice system, emphasizing collaborative treatment approaches.


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